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About Us


We are a mother-daughter team that loves what we do and love that we are able to do it together. We are located in the Stetson House in Waynesville, Ohio, a delightful small town with plenty of great dining and shopping not to mention some lovely B&Bs.

We have been very blessed in being able to pursue our dream. We have met so many lovely people in our customers, artisans and fellow Waynesville merchants.

Trendy Bindiís Boutique LLC is named after one of our dogs, Bindi, and we think that our designer did a great job in capturing her for our logo. (If you would like to use him, send us an e-mail).

We opened shop in 2007, and have been bringing together fabulously girly vintage and handmade finds and customers ever since. Please feel free to come visit us in Waynesville anytime!

Stephanie and Kerry Beitel, Proprietresses


Bindi's Story

In the summer of 2003, Kerry was looking for a dog of her own. We had two at home but she was getting ready to live off campus and wanted the companionship and security of a dog of her own. She spent some time looking around until one day she stepped into SICSA and saw the most beautiful black dog. It was a border collie mix and was huddled in the corner of its cage. Their eyes met and it was love at first sight. Betsy had been rescued by the wonderful SICSA volunteers from a horrible situation in a barn along with three litter mates.

Betsy ended up coming home with Kerry not too long after that. Since she had been so traumatized, she hadnít been quite ready to be adopted right off. While she is still a little shy, she has come a long way and we all love her very much.

Two of the other siblings had been adopted very quickly but Bindi was left. We never intended to have four dogs but it just sort of happened. (One has since passed, so the current count is three.)

Bindi was the runt of the litter and was always looked after by Betsy. (Betsy is still very big-sisterly towards her.) The others all looked very similar with their long black coats and larger builds; Bindi was smaller, and had short brindled brown and black fur. A white marking on her forehead inspired her foster parent to bestow her name upon her. Kerry had looked at Bindi but Bindi was only interested in Stephanie. And if you are a dog person you know that you donít choose your dog, s/he chooses you. As youíll see, though, Bindi got her way!

Bindi was initially adopted by Kerryís best friend but circumstances changed and she needed a home. We didnít want Bindi and Betsy to be separated as they truly had a special relationship. So Bindi came home with us and became Stephanieís dog.

When we were planning on opening our shop, we mulled over different names that would express the personality that we wanted our shop to have, Trendy Bindiís Boutique popped in our heads. Now we have to open some more businesses so the others wonít be jealous!

All of our dogs have been wonderful additions to our lives. If you have room in your life for a dog or a cat, please consider adopting one. So many are never given the chance to be loved.

Stephanie & Kerry